Tomisin Abiodun, a

software engineer, technical writer and mentor

with a 5-year track record of consistently driving improvements in user engagement, revenue, and customer satisfaction in a YCombinator-backed startup, a fintech unicorn and Microsoft's Mixed Reality division, with my expertise in ReactJS, React Native, Django, and .NET

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Problem Solving
HackerRank · 2022
Hackathon Winner
Python Conference Nigeria (PyConNG) · 2018

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React Table of Content Component

A table of content component built for ReactJS. It extracts the headings from HTML content to a tree (to preserve hierarchy); and then uses recursion to display the headings. It has a worst-case runtime of O(n x m) -- where 'n' is the length of the HTML content and 'm' is the number of headings in the content.

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React Table of Content Component

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Some failed at what you did - you made our project happen. Words just can't describe how much you are appreciated.

Head of Engineering at Quickteller Paypoint



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You can edit commit messages in your Git project, by supplying an "amend" argument to "git commit"

git commit -m "Some typo or mistake"

# edit the last commit message
git commit --amend -m "This is the actual commit message"
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